Using Neuroscience to Understand Your Customer

Pipeline Visionaries

16-01-2024 • 44 mins

This episode features an interview with Esther-Mireya Tejeda, CMO at Anywhere Real Estate Inc., a leader of integrated residential real estate services, whose portfolio includes some of the most recognized brands in real estate.

In this episode, Esther-Mireya discusses how marketers should consider themselves “business psychologists” and shares how she is incorporating neuroscience research when creating customer personas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Buying decisions for customers often have more to do with subconscious, emotional drivers that cannot be articulated in surveys or focus groups.
  • Marketers should think about themselves as “business psychologists”, and can use neuroscience to better understand subconscious drivers for their customers.
  • Marketers need to maintain connectivity to business objectives and avoid the trap of short-term thinking.


“We have been really trying to get to the unconscious emotional makeup of consumers that set up their predisposition to like or dislike and to behave or not behave in particular ways. I call that the layer below the things that we are already measuring. And it's based on this premise that over 95 percent of our human behavior. is actually rooted and driven by unconscious emotions that we're not even aware of. So it's not stuff that I, as a consumer, would be able to articulate in a focus group.

It's not things that I would be able to, as a consumer, articulate in a survey. And so it is our job as marketers, if we think about ourselves as business psychologists, to get further down and deeper into that mindset, to get to the heart set to understand those things. And that's really what this is about.”

Episode Timestamps:

*(08:24) - The Trust Tree: Buying decisions are largely unconscious

*(26:13) - The Playbook: Research and insights are essential to success

*(37:23) - The Dust Up: Leaving what isn’t right for you


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