Using Incentives to Drive Impact

Pipeline Visionaries

20-02-2024 • 35 mins

This episode features an interview with Dana Barrett, VP of Marketing at Tremendous, a company that offers a simple way to send rewards and payouts around the world.

In this episode, Dana discusses the ways that incentivizing your ideal customer provides impact across use cases, whether you are looking to build pipeline, drive sales, get participants in studies, etc. She also talks about carefully identifying your target persona and focusing on a small number of priorities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Incentives are a great way to drive impact, regardless of your use case (generate pipeline, sales, gaining study participants, etc.)
  • It’s important to find the sweet spot when incentivizing. Don’t offer a discount so high that people take the offer without any interest in the product; make it just low enough that it attracts people who genuinely have an interest.
  • Define your ideal customer persona and stay focused on a few key items to go after them.


“ Incentives, regardless of your use case, are a great way to drive impact. Whether you're trying to grow pipeline. Whether you're trying to drive sales. Whether you want to make sure people participate in your studies, and you can recruit people in global markets that you're trying to figure out how to get people to just respond or participate. And so based on what we do, we're starting to see some best practices or things that can actually position you better to reach your ultimate goal, which is sales, pipeline, et cetera.”

Episode Timestamps:

*(02:52) The Trust Tree: Building awareness of brand and category

*(14:11) The Playbook: Investing in content

*(28:17) The Dust Up: Diffusing tension between product and sales

*(30:07) Dana’s Quick Hits


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