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The Canadian Pain Task Force: An Action Plan for Pain in Canada
The Canadian Pain Task Force: An Action Plan for Pain in Canada
The Canadian Pain Task Force (CPTF) is an external advisory body that has been helping the Government of Canada better understand and address the needs of people living with chronic pain since its inception in March of 2019. The final report from the Task Force, An Action Plan for Pain in Canada, was released to the public on May 5, 2021. The plan lays out recommendations for targeted actions necessary to improve outcomes for the nearly eight million Canadians living with chronic pain and to reduce pain’s impact on families, communities, and society.In this month’s episode of the Pain Waves podcast, we’re joined once again by Task Force members Maria Hudspith and Linda Wilhelm. They provide an overview on the report and its six priority goals, talk about what comes next for advancing change on pain in Canada, and outline ways people can help make sure pain is a priority in their communities.Maria and Linda first joined us in November 2020 to share the findings from the Task Force’s second report. Listen to that episode here: can also learn more about the Task Force in an earlier episode here: mentioned in this episode:- Read An Action Plan for Pain in Canada: Learn more about and participate in the #PrioritizePain campaign: