NurseDot Podcast - Unveiling Florence Nightingale

NurseDot Podcast

09-05-2024 • 59 mins

In the Season 4 premiere of the NurseDot Podcast, host Cara Lunsford is joined by author Melissa Pritchard to explore the captivating realm of Melissa's newest book, "Flight of the Wild Swan." Melissa reveals the inspiration driving her to craft this narrative centered on Florence Nightingale, a pioneer in modern nursing. Reflecting on her writing journey, Melissa discusses the motivations fueling her exploration of Nightingale's story. Together, Cara and Melissa delve into the intricacies of Nightingale's legacy, shedding light on both the admiration and critique she has faced in recent discourse. Melissa offers glimpses into "Flight of the Wild Swan," providing insights into Nightingale's remarkable life.

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