Nicholas Pinnock: Emotional Triggers, Accepting Negatives, and Staying True to Yourself with Top Boy Actor #5

The Stuart Semple Show

25-06-2021 • 59 mins

In episode #5 of The Stuart Semple Show, host and artist Stuart Semple dives into the world of acting with Top Boy and For Life star Nicholas Pinnock.

Nothing is out of bounds in this intimate hour. Nicholas and Stuart talk about the subconscious and conscious brain on stage, emotional triggers that unlock creativity, and the hard road to recovery after a traumatic breakdown.

The Stuart Semple Show is an art podcast that encourages listeners to remain true to their art, no matter what. In this episode, Nicholas talks about only taking on roles that challenge and inspire him, even in dire straits.

This episode covers:

  • The psychological side of getting into character
  • Staying true to your art
  • Putting a piece of yourself into your art
  • Mental health and the road to recovery
  • Accepting the negative with the positive
  • Virtual art VS the real thing

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