Morning Creative

Mark Steadman

Daily life as a creative-minded solopreneur is noisy. Your household, personal life, and your business are all competing for your attention. Not to mention keeping healthy, seeing your friends, and feeding The Algorithm™ more content. No wonder your big side project takes a backseat from time to time. Instead of waiting until the working day has zapped your energy, start your morning with a warm, friendly dash of inspiration. Morning Creative is the daily podcast for imaginative thinkers and doers working on their Big Project. Each 20-minute episode mixes prompts, gentle provocations, and practical actions you can take today to further your practice. Join creative advisor Mark Steadman as he invites you to reignite your spark and set yourself up for the day, motivated and energised. On the days you feel like you’ve got this, you’re right. For every other day, there’s Morning Creative. read less
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