S3 Ep11 Elizabeth Hambleton, Bonjour Branding - Seasons of Business!

The Female Creative Talks

22-11-2021 • 48 mins

Welcome to Season 3 of The Female Creative Talks Podcast!

Hannah's guest this week is Elizabeth Hambleton from Bonjour Branding!

Elizabeth spent the first decade of her career immersed in the worlds of fine art and fashion. While she loved the beauty and creativity of those fields, she couldn’t resist the call of entrepreneurship.

Today she's a multi-passionate entrepreneur who brings style and beauty to fellow entrepreneurs through business branding services as well as personal styling. When she's not talking all things style and design, you can find her wandering the aisles of Target, drinking way too much coffee, and hanging out with her family.

Hannah and Elizabeth chat about how she moved from Fine Art to Fashion to Branding, why being an entrepreneur teaches you so much and the importance of understanding your business season! Plus Elizabeth gives us her top tips for starting and growing a business!

If you want help in sorting through your business overwhelm and moving from stuck to success then then check out TFC website at www.thefemalecreative.co.uk and book a free discovery call!

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