S4 Ep 8 Laura Brunnen - Legal Advice for Small Businesses

The Female Creative Talks

26-10-2022 • 35 mins

Another amazing Interview!

In this episode I chat to Laura Brunnen, originally The Legal Strategist supporting small business with their legal needs, now a community builder and coach for lawyers wanting more!

Laura and I talk about her straightforward, empowering and fun  business, why she left her high flying city career and her legal top tips for all businesses both Limited Company and Sole Trader!

Key themes:
1. Get the legal stuff sorted early on!
2. Don't get distracted by the shiny stuff!
3. Identify the gaps in your expertise and fill them!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Edit: This episode was recorded when Laura was The Legal Strategist, she has since pivoted and now serves the lawyer community, empowering them and supporting them to strive for more! However this episode is small business gold! So much to take away and implement!

Laura Brunnen
LinkedIn- Laura Brunnen
Instagram - @Iamlaurabrunnen

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