S3 Ep9 Gen Edwards, Energy Healer- Get a Coach!

The Female Creative Talks

08-11-2021 • 38 mins

Welcome to Season 3 of The Female Creative Talks Podcast!

Hannah's guest this week is Gen Edwards, an Intuitive Energy Healing Facilitator!

Gen Edwards is an intuitive energy healer, using the Emotion and Body Codes to help you release old, outdated emotional baggage that is affecting you on a physical, mental, or emotional level and is potentially blocking you from living your best life. She works remotely and globally, helping women to move from pain to peace, from chaos to calm - whatever that means for them.

Hannah and Gen chat about how she made the jump from corporate to self employed, why working on her own mindset was so important to her success and the importance of getting a coach! Plus Gen gives us her top tips for starting and growing a business!

This week's listener question is all about how How to keep on top of your finances!

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