S3 Ep8 Thalia Pellegrini, The Knackered Mums Club - Just Start!

The Female Creative Talks

01-11-2021 • 35 mins

Welcome to Season 3 of The Female Creative Talks Podcast!

Hannah's guest this week is Thalia Pellegrini from The Knackered Mums Club !

Thalia Pellegrini is the Knackered Mums Nutritionist. Founder of Thalia Pellegrini Nutrition, her superpower is supporting women to achieve incredible energy, no matter how busy their #mumlife. In her online clinic she sees clients 1:1, runs her Knackered to Nourished group programme for 40-something mums, as well as writing articles and blogs and creating corporate health workshops for companies including most recently the BBC and Dr Martens.

Hannah and Thalia chat about how she made the entrepreneurial jump, why money mindset was so important to her success and the self growth she has discovered as a business owner! Plus Thalia gives us her top tips for starting and growing a business!

This week's listener question is all about email marketing!

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