S3 Ep5 Vicki Jakes, Hey Vicki Jakes - Why You Need A Website!

The Female Creative Talks

10-10-2021 • 49 mins

Welcome to Season 3 of The Female Creative Talks Podcast!

Hannah's guest this week is Vicki Jakes, a website and SEO expert!

Vicki Jakes is an online marketing and website optimisation consultant helping small businesses sell more stuff via their websites.

Using her 20+ years of experience leading teams of developers, designers, copywriters, user-experience specialists and testers for global clients, she knows her way around a website and what makes your users want to buy from you.

She also has a passion for getting us all to want to take care of our websites and not be ashamed to send traffic to it or “forget” to share the URL when asked!

Hannah and Vicki chat about how she moved from the corporate world to self employed, when and why she decided to niche and the importance of having your won website! Plus Vicki gives us her top tips for starting or growing a business!

This week's listener question is all about how I started my business!

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