Ep.069 -- Tibbens Goes Virtual: Pandemic, Purpose, & Progress

ClassCast Podcast

08-06-2021 • 32 mins

ClassCast Podcast Ep.069 features host Ryan Tibbens reflecting on the 2020-2021 school year, pandemic-related changes in schools, 4-day work weeks, and a HUGE career shift -- to 100% virtual instruction. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone differently, but one thing is certain -- it is has affected everyone.  Tibbens has experienced loss in his family, a massive shift at work, and a sea-change in education beliefs. This quick solo talk starts with a brief promo of #Edupodlooza (check it out June 27) and quickly gets into teachers' experiences in 2020-2021. A deep reflection on a pandemic mantra -- "If not now, why ever? If now, why not always?" -- follows and is accompanied by a quick justification of a 4-day school week.  This episode ends with perhaps the most important part (bury the lead much?) -- Ryan Tibbens' shift to 100% synchronous virtual instruction in the 2021-2022 school year, the 16th year of his career.  If you're interested in innovation, education trends, school choice, or a "return to normal" in schools, then spend a few minutes on this episode and the very real experiences it presents.

Table of Contents (*highlights)

  1. 0:00-0:52 -- #Edupodlooza Promo
  2. 0:52-10:49 -- 2020-2021 Recap
  3. 10:49-15:21 -- If not now, why ever? If now, why not always?*
  4. 15:21-19:04 -- 4 Day Weeks or Bust
  5. 19:04-32:49 -- Big Changes: Tibbens Goes Virtual***

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