Business Growth & Success with NLP - from a lack of confidence to visibility superstar! - featuring Ann-Marie Winterburn

NLP Talks with Laura Evans

29-09-2020 • 46 mins

Are you interested to learn how NLP helped a small business owner exponentially grow her Driving School business?

Curious to understand how breaking free from a lack of confidence led to our guest generating an income from being a Tik Tok sensation, all because she believed she was good enough?

How developing tailored Neuro Linguistic Programming language skills led to more sales and exceptional customer service? - let me introduce you to Ann-Marie Winterburn.

In this episode Ann-Marie shares how NLP not only helped her to transform but led to business growth and the creation of new Theory Test Workshops that have a 100% success rate (her secret sauce? - NLP!).

It also gave her the confidence to take on one of the toughest professional assessments in her industry - becoming an ADIT registered driving instructor trainer … she did it with ease and if it weren't for NLP she says she’d never have gone for it!

A truly amazing woman whose story will inspire you - check it out today!

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