The journey to becoming a People Director and how NLP provided the springboard! - with Jody Bennett

NLP Talks with Laura Evans

26-10-2022 • 45 mins

Are you an HR professional looking for ways to have more impact and influence in your role? Are you a professional looking for a promotion and wondering if NLP can help you? Are you curious about the role of language in business? Is your language getting in the way of your message or is it supporting it? - curious? then you’ll love this episode of the NLP Talks Podcast!

Just before joining her current employer as ‘Head of People’ Jody Bennett attended her NLP Practitioner course and had a huge lightbulb moment! Even though she’d had a successful career in HR she discovered ONE limiting belief on the course that had been unknowingly holding her back! eureka! Fast forward 11 months she’s been promoted to People Director, her team have been finalists for 3 HR awards (and won one!) AND she’s transformed her awareness of the impact of language in business. NLP helped springboard her success!

Jody now has an enhanced ability to influence individuals and organisational agendas, build even stronger collaborative relationships and better rapport too. Personally she feels NLP helped her “breath” again and feel more balanced and more present in each moment. Her more elegant comms (where she pays attention to people’s preferences in language) means she’s even better able to bring people on the journey. She also finds avoiding the “watch words” she learned on the NLP Practitioner REALLY helpful (we cover two in this episode which you can use immediately!).

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