Using NLP in Executive Coaching, Policing and to help women build confidence, show up and do their thing!- featuring Wendy Derrick

NLP Talks with Laura Evans

25-11-2020 • 51 mins

Are you curious about the difference NLP can make in Executive Coaching and the impact of NLP on results?

Ever wondered how changing your mindset can help you get a promotion, make decisions or calmly handle cross-examination as a Police Officer?

Perhaps you’re looking to understand how NLP can help you as a Leader?

In this episode, Wendy Derrick shares how Neuro-Linguistic Programming has made a significant difference in not just her Executive Coaching but also Management & Leadership training.

How she empowers women in all walks of life to build self-confidence and show up!

She even shares how she’s using NLP within a Prison to help reduce prisoner reoffending.

This episode is a must for any Leader or anyone who wants to empower others - check it out today!

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