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THE MEG METHOD is a podcast that questions how we can create a foundation for better health. Together we will explore how Fitness, Nutrition, Breathwork and Meditation can be used as tools to help us find a better connection to ourselves and others. The aim of this podcast is to help you to improve your mindset, empower you with actionable advice so you can take ownership over your health, and to educate you on the many different aspects of health from fitness to behavioural change. It will be packed with solo episodes, breathwork/meditation sessions and conversations with industry experts. read less
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#112 - Smash the Iconic New York City Marathon: Winning Strategies for Racing in The Big Apple!
#112 - Smash the Iconic New York City Marathon: Winning Strategies for Racing in The Big Apple!
Join THE MEG METHOD as Meg Walker and David Yim spill the beans on the New York City Marathon, sharing their insider insights and expert advice in "The Ultimate Guide to the New York City Marathon." Discover what the duo really thinks about this iconic race and get ready to conquer your own World Major Marathon in the Big Apple with their valuable tips. Whether you're a seasoned runner or a newbie, this podcast is your key to marathon triumph! (In this episode we mentioned Ellen's Stardust Diner for an entertaining meal American Dining experience and Meg mentioned Posh Pop Bakeshop and Modern Bread and Bagel for our Gluten Free Friends. Meg also mentioned Fishs Eddy for any quirky souvenirs). Enjoyed this episode? Please rate, review, and subscribe to THE MEG METHOD Podcast so you never miss an episode. We have two more Major Marathon Podcasts to come so subscribe and don't miss out! Book in your free discovery coaching call via and access free resources that will help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential. Speak soon! Guest: David Yim Instagram: ⁠@shortfatguy_runsthemajors⁠ Facebook: ⁠London Marathon Training Tips, Advice and Support⁠ Host: Meg Walker Instagram: @themegmethod YouTube: @themegmethod Coaching Podcast: THE MEG METHOD Positive Change Podcast: My Kind of People Website: Producer: Alicia Navarro