Sci-Ops Nova - Audio Movie

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If you enjoyed our work, then please support us by purchasing Season 1 here on our website: All support goes toward us making better productions so we can bring you more quality releases. Thanks for all the love and support! After a portal to another dimension is opened with the help of CIA scientists and the Scion, Lea, a psionic operative, a creature from the other side emerges, kills everyone and kidnaps her. Jace, the former leader of a secret task force code-named Nova is called into action by Stone, head of the Scion CIA research program, to reassemble his old team; Xenia, a Herald with telekinetic powers from another world, Aiden, a hulking brute with unmatched strength and Scott, a genius scientist who could put Einstein to shame. Together, they must work to put their pasts aside and find inner strength that will unite them and overcome the mystery of an infectious plague with sentient capabilities that razed ancient civilizations, controlled by a monster who defies death itself Written and Created by - Jedaiah Ramnarine Narration/Production/Director - Antoni LaVecchia Art Design - Jedaiah Ramnarine Patreon - Website - Email - read less

Season 2

The Silent Invasion
The Silent Invasion
In a secretive military base called Planks, remorseless alien hunter Lars finds himself in the midst of a viral outbreak. The military personnel at Planks are seen hastily cleaning an unknown viral contaminant which is suspected to be from another planet. The usually buzzing base now maintains an eerie quiet. Perched in an invisible spaceship above, Lars meticulously plans his mission, donned in his robot suit and equipped with advanced weaponry. Equipped with a sophisticated heads-up display revealing the presence of the humans below, Lars prepares to intervene. Encountering soldiers guarding the entrance of the base, Lars strategically makes them unconscious and continues his stealth mission. He infiltrates deep into the base, deploying camouflaged drones to trace the viral contaminants. A shocking discovery awaits Lars - the contaminant is more potent than anticipated, and the workers are unknowingly carrying it. Undeterred, Lars quickly adapts his plan to contain the spread. Simultaneously, a convoy of trucks carrying captured lifeforms known as 'viromorphs' is identified. Lars finds himself in a race against time as he carefully navigates through the base, incapacitating personnel without lethal force. He employs advanced technology to neatly erase evidence of an extraterrestrial encounter while ensuring the humans remain unharmed, save for their pride. Lars' mission sees a sudden shift as three viromorphs break loose and attack. Displaying swift agility and combat efficiency, Lars fights off the beasts, capturing one alive - for study. With his task completed, Lars vanishes into the night, leaving behind a legacy of the unfathomable power of alien technology. The story takes a cliff-hanger turn when Lars contemplates his next move. Meanwhile, in an underground installation, the humans realize they are dealing with a problem beyond their understanding. The tale ends with Lars in his ship, cruising over the Swiss Alps, contemplating his next move while keeping an eye on multiple locations on Earth through his holographic screens.

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