ACOBAB: Milk and Cookies, 6th Edition – Dog Man

A Court of Books and Booze

09-06-2023 • 23 mins

Join Skyler, Jess, and Amanda for another short and fun episode showcasing children’s books. These mini episodes are co-hosted by kids and are made for kids (and those who are kids at heart). This week we are featuring Dog Man, by Dav Pilkey. Dog Man is currently an 11-book series, and we are starting with the beginning. Dav Pilkey is also the author of the Captain Underpants series, and if you are familiar with either one of these, then you know just how funny this is about to be. Are you ready for cartoony illustrations, flip-o-ramas, and the best of middle-school humor? Then, grab your milk and your favorite cookie, and cozy in with those little listeners for another ACOBAB: Milk and Cookies edition!

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