S4E5 - Love, Drugs, and Anorexia

The Psych Review

09-12-2021 • 31 mins

It's the final episode of season four, and Mazz's final episode on the show! Shakira walks us through new methods of supporting prisoners who are dependent on opioids, Alanna dives into the sociocultural milieu that exists around people with anorexia nervosa, and Mazz takes us step by step through a new approach to dealing with loneliness.

The references for this episode are:
- Shakira: Russ S, Andrew A, Thomas O. Long-acting injectable buprenorphine – ‘best practice’ opioid agonist therapy for Australian prisoners. Australasian Psychiatry. December 2021. doi:10.1177/10398562211059086
- Alanna: to be updated.
- Mazz: Kar Ray M. et al. LOVE in the time of Covid-19: a brief mental health intervention to overcome loneliness. Australasian Psychiatry, 2021. Vol 29 (5), 529-534.

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