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Shane Mauss

Globetrotting and mind exploring comedian Shane Mauss interviews scientists each week on journey to answer the biggest questions about the meanings of life (as well as a bunch of other random stuff you never imagined you would care about). Favorite topics include: psychology, biology, evolution, cognitive biases, behavioral economics, mating, animal behavior, neuroscience, and the subconscious read less


Birdsong and City Noise
Birdsong and City Noise
Birds, animal communication, evolution, environmental pressures, and human impacts.  This conversation was very much in the Here We Are wheelhouse which made for a loose, funny, and fascinating episode! It was such a treat to talk with Associate Professor Elizabeth Derryberry in person at The University of Tennessee Knoxville .  Her work on animal communication integrates behavioral and evolutionary ecology.  We talked about how changes in city noise impact bird communication and what life in our modern world will mean for future migrations. Professor Derryberry also works with the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis which has been working with our show to present more of their scholars and give listeners insights into what transdisciplinary approaches in mathematics and biology can mean for making a global impact.  Check out their website to learn more Support the show on Patreon where you can join game nights and other meetups.  There you can join the community on discord and be the first to know about all things related to Shane’s many projects. Shane has some very special announcements next week regarding live shows!  Make sure to tune in for Henry Gee’s second appearance as we discuss what roles mass extinctions, the Triassic period, and the evolution of the anus had in shaping life as we know it.