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09-03-2022 • 32 mins

Join Heather Jean - Talking About Confidence in Your Personal Life - Why Shrinking isn't the way to live In this Vodcast   Heather Jean is joined by herself in this episode. In this packed episode   Heather Jean is talking about... ... Starting from where you are strong ... The importance of Language and how you talk to yourself ... Questions to ask if your inner critic shows up ... Stop shrinking - why this inhibits grow and progress  ... Common themes and advice from previous Guests to increase confidence ... Celebrating what IS working ... Why "Failure" ISN'T possible   Heather Jean shares her work, her story and lessons along the journey... and SO much more!   Don't Miss This Packed Episode! This episode is available on Confidence Through Cabaret   Youtube Channel too - Check out 'Vodcast' playlist     Please Comment, Like & Subscribe to Confidence Through Cabaret Youtube Channel - Vodcast Playlist  - Share your favourite take aways with us.    Heather Jean regularly shares FREE, LIVE Masterclasses & paid programmes for - Body Confidence to Grow Your Business - Self-Love to Feel Great and Shift Limiting Beliefs for Unlimited Growth - Beat Your Impostor, Movement Workshops to Connect with Your Body  - Cabaret Workshops and many more.  Message Confidence Through Cabaret or Heather Jean on facebook for details or to join

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