Ep. 129: Arbikie Highland Distillery with John Stirling

The Whiskey Ring Podcast

21-02-2024 • 1 hr 33 mins

Makers of the only vodka I enjoy. And also the first rye from Scotland in 100+ years.

Arbikie Highland Estate is in the forefront of the new Scotch whisky movement. Focused on sustainability, flavor, and locality, Arbikie is betting big on the future.

They're making a single malt, but waiting 18 years to release it (some might be released early, but don't count on it).

Their strawberry vodka takes nearly a year to produce from harvest to bottling.

The gin is hyperlocal, with coastal elements.

The Nadar vodka is climate-positive, with the whole process removing 1.54kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per bottle (through legume farming).

Kirsty also has a PhD and puts it to use in creating these releases from grain to bottle, with backing from the Stirling family who owns the farms from which the grains grow.

The Highland 1794 Rye is available in the US now, as are the gins and Nadar Vodka. The single malt we'll have to wait for - they're already halfway there.

Thanks everyone for listening, and thank you to John for entering the Whiskey Ring!


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Arbikie Highland Estate

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