Ep 106 : The Show Must Go On

Recovering Queen : The Queen Podcast

28-08-2023 • 41 mins

This week Ian takes on The Show Must Go On off of the Queen Album Innuendo.  Join us as we delve into the depths of one of Queen's most iconic and emotionally charged songs, "The Show Must Go On." Discover the story behind this power ballad, that chronicles Freddie Mercury's unwavering determination to perform despite his deteriorating health. We'll explore the song's creation, from its initial chord sequences to the powerful lyrics that resonate with so many. Hear tales of Freddie's legendary recording session, where, against all odds, he delivered one of his most memorable vocal performances. We'll also touch on the song's legacy, from its live performances with stars like Elton John to covers by artists like Celine Dion. This episode is a tribute to the spirit of Queen and the message that no matter the challenges, the show must always go on

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