Ep 108 : Tear It Up

Recovering Queen : The Queen Podcast

10-09-2023 • 30 mins

Matt takes on the Brian May rocker "Tear It Up" off of "The Works" The boys dissect its origins, lyrics, and the powerful message behind it. Was it Brian May's defiant stand against the disco influence of Hotspace? Or was it a reflection of the band's internal dynamics and their ever-evolving sound? a critique of their previous record to its undertones of sexual aggression.

Of course, no episode would be complete without our signature segment: the scores against the Queen canon. How does "Tear It Up" fare when pitted against the legendary discography of one of rock's most iconic bands? Tune in to find out!

Join us for a journey through the making, impact, and legacy of "Tear It Up." Whether you're a die-hard Queen fan or just discovering their magic, this episode promises insights, debates, and a fresh perspective on a classic track. Don't miss it!

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