Anatomy of Murder


A murder case has many layers: the victim, the crime, and the investigation. To truly understand it, you need to dissect each piece of a tragic puzzle. Join Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi and Scott Weinberger every Tuesday for an insider’s perspective, as they reveal to you the Anatomy of Murder. read less

Our Editor's Take

There is no shortage of true crime podcasts to listen to these days, but few are as in-depth and nuanced as Anatomy of Murder. Whereas fictional tales might present murder cases as being rather formulaic (the detective finds a body, the detective has a moment of inspiration, then the detective miraculously solves the crime), the reality of criminal investigations is far more complicated. Former New York City prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi and Emmy Award-winning journalist Scott Weinberger join forces to dive behind the scenes of some of America's most gruesome murders.

Episodic stories range from a seventeen-year-old girl strangled with a shoelace to the lone homicide in New York City on 9/11. There isn't a killing that Nicolazzi and Weinberger won't break down in fascinating detail.

With more than 250 murders already investigated in 50-minute episodes, Anatomy of Murder has your thirst for true-crime quenched. This gripping podcast unspools the complexities of a murder investigation while remaining accessible and transparent at all times. Investigating murders is no walk in the park, but Nicolazzi and Weinberger navigate tricky topics and harrowing details with expert precision and respect. Fans of Serial, My Favourite Murder, and The Last Podcast on the Left will instantly be hooked on Anatomy of Murder.

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