Super Wildcard Round and the Head Coach Carousel

The Snap UK (An American Football Podcast)

17-01-2024 • 1 hr 21 mins

The first round of the Playoffs is in the books, and for some teams, it means the end of the season but the start of the speculation. Owners of the Cowboys and Eagles looked annoyed with the performances on Sunday, and rightly so, so:

  • Does this signal the end for McCarthy?
  • Does this signal the end for Sirianni?
  • Are the Buccs any good?
  • Is Jordan Love better than last seasons Aaron Rodgers?


  • What is with the dolphins after December?
  • Are the Bills a freight train right now?
  • CJ Stroud is elite
  • Goff and Stafford are great in the only tight contest
  • Step to far for the Browns and Steelers

Belichick is let go by the Patriots, and interview the Falcons.

We also look ahead to the Super Divisional Round, and the return of 49ers and Ravens to action.

All this plus the usual Hottest Seat, MVP and Sweetest Play of the week.