Special Mums Africa

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Special Mums Africa (SMA) is a groundbreaking podcast hosted by special needs
mums and advocates Yemisi Fajimolu-Taiwo (Actress and TV host), Bukola Ayinde
(Lawyer and Author) and Tonye Faloughi-Ekezie (Author and Content Producer).

In the Podcast, they do away with myths and explore what it is really like raising a
child with special needs. The hosts share their own experiences in exploring such
topics as the diagnosis, marriage, intimacy, education, finances, nutrition, siblings,
what parents really think but never say out loud.... and more!

Informative and heartfelt, Special Mums Africa delves into the lived experience,
realities and impact of having and raising children with special needs.

Each episode ends with “The Honest Truth”. One minute where the hosts ask the
guests to share the truth about the journey. Something they may think but rarely say out
loud. read less
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