The importance of vulnerability in leadership with Dr. Ted McElroy, OD (Part 1)

20/20 MONEY

15-01-2024 • 58 mins

Welcome to this episode of 20/20 Money! My guest on today’s show is Dr. Ted McElroy. This is part one of our conversation where we talk about the importance of vulnerability as a leader, and why the two traits (vulnerability from today’s episode and resilience from next’s week’s episode) are intertwined. That is to say you can’t have one without the other. I believe Ted and I hit on a number of very important ideas in this albeit abstract conversation, but it’s one that I really enjoyed…and I actually do a pretty decent job of weaving in some personal and business finance into the conversation! We wrap it up with Ted sharing great questions to ask your team in a 1:1 setting and why that’s been beneficial for him.

Lastly, I must admit that, even 250+ episodes into 20/20 Money…I still make mistakes…which I guess is fitting for the topic of this episode: I had the wrong microphone in use for the recording. So while Ted sounds very crisp, I sound like I’m recording using the built-in mic on my MacBook…which is exactly what happened. For you the listener, I’m sorry about that and hope that it doesn’t detract away too much from the content and message of the episode.

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And with that introduction, I hope you enjoy part 2 of my conversation with Dr. Ted McElroy.


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