Episode 3: Women's IP World Annual 2022

Northon's Media PR & Marketing Ltd

01-03-2022 • 5 hrs 1 min

Dear Listeners,

Another year has gone by, just like that, in a flash! We hope you feel like you have some normality back into your lives and that you all see more light at the end of the tunnel that has been very long for all of us.

Northon’s Media PR & Marketing Ltd have been working tirelessly over the last year to bring this little ray of sunshine into your lives as we continue to shine the spotlight on influential women at all levels working in IP and innovation internationally. Once again, our annual publication has flourished and bloomed into a beautiful flower, attracting some exceptional authoritative lawyers, practitioners, associates, and business services providers that we are incredibly proud to be affiliated with.

We want to thank all the prodigious women that we like to call leaders for sharing their knowledge and experiences of working in the industry, some even more so candidly on a personal level that we are sure a few of you will be able to relate to. We are incredibly proud of what our annual publication has achieved over the last three years as we continue to celebrate the work and achievements of women in IP law and innovation. The remarkable stories and content that I have had the pleasure of reading and editing fill me with joy seeing how far we women have come. WE ROCK! & long may we continue.

Elvin Hassan

Editor and head of international liaisons

Magazine track list.

1:30 - Editors note and contents page.
12:03 – INTA Opening letter by Tikki Dare.
24:40 – Co-Sponsor letter, LexOrbis, India.
32:01 – Co-Sponsor letter, Patent Seekers, United Kingdom.
37:30 – Article. A podcast just for us, Michele Katz, USA.
41:30 – Advitam. Michele Katz profile, USA
44:25 – Article – Could this be a crackdown – Justice for trademark owners, Michele Katz.
54:00 – Dumont. Laura Collada Profile, Mexico.
58:47 – Article. The Metaverse, NFT’s, IP in the virtual world. Laura Collada.
1:10:30 – Caribbean Trademark Services. Kesha Fleming lake profile, Anguilla.
1:14:51 – Article. Where we are in 2022 with the Caribbean trademark practice, Kesha Fleming Lake.
1:27:16 – Abdel Razak & Associates. Vanessa Abdel Razak, Profile, Haiti.
1:30:38 – Article. New certification trademark in Haiti “HAIRUM”. Vanessa Abdel Razak.
1:43:10 – Foga Daley. Dianne Daley profile, Jamaica.
1:47:30 – Foga Daley. Nicole Foga profile, Jamaica.
1:51:30 – Foga Daley. Rachael Lodge Corrie profile, Jamaica.
1:55:40 – Estrategia Juridica. Claudette Vernot profile, Colombia.
1:58:00 – Article. Checklist to protect your brand from IP crimes. Claudette Vernot.
2:08:20 – Tauil & Chequer Advogados. Cristiane Manzueto profile, Brazil.
2:12:10 – Patpol . Izabella Dudek-Urbanowicz profile, Poland.
2:16:01 – Patpol. Aleksandra Kryska profile, Poland.
2:18:44 – Sigeon IP. Anna Grzelak and Malgorzata Cichosz profiles, Poland.
2:24:40 – Vakhnina & Partners. Tatiana Vakhnina and Elena Utkina profiles, Russia.
2:28:30 – Orbis IP & Law. Dilek Zeybel and Aylin Sener profiles, Turkey.
2:33:03 – Article. Speak so I can see you. The role of women in leadership. Elvin Hassan Q&A with Dilek Zeybel and Aylin Sener.
2:38:36 – Destek Patent. Claudia Kaya profile, Turkey.
2:41:55 – Article. Trademarks and social media. Claudia Kaya.
2:52:16 – Dreyfus. Nathalie Dreyfus profile, France.
2:55:23 – Article. Gender washing and green washing. Nathalie Dreyfus.
3:08:39 – Interpatent. Manuela Bruscolini and Maria Margalef profiles, Italy.
3:12:05 – Interpatent. Nicole Gorlier and Simona Mantovani profiles, Italy.
3:15:37 – Article. Blockchain and IP, Interpatent team, Italy.
3:27:05 – Article. The Swiss brand. Ursula In-Albon.
3:37:58 – Cerian Jones IP.Dr Ceria Jones profile, United Kingdom.
3:41:50 – Article. Challenges on artificial intelligence on IP. Deborah F. Toluwalase.
3:53:18 – Jackson Etti & Edu. Ngozi Aderibigbe profile, Nigeria.
3:57:01 – The African continental free trade area, Ngozi Aderibigbe.
4:03:40 – LexOrbis. Manisha Singh and Amaya Singh profiles, India.
4:08:41 – Article. Court illuminates upon the overlap of copyright, Manisha Singh and Rikita Argawal.
4:16:07 – LS Davar & Co. Dr Joshita Davar Khemani profile, India.
4:20:39 – Article. Initiatives by the Indian government to encourage women participation in innovation, Dr Joshit Davar Khemani.
4:27:14 – United Trademark & Patent Services. Maria Khan profile, Dubai, UAE.
4:27:14 – Article. Working women and the Covid 19 pandemic, Maria Khan.
4:38:51 – Article. Enforcement and protection against the unauthorised disclosure of undisclosed information. Anomi Wanigasekera and Sabeera Shariff, Julius & Creasy, Sri Lanka.
4:46:47 – Article. Does climate change and its effects differentiate between gender, Clare Gibson, patent Analyst at Patent Seekers, United Kingdom.

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