ROADRUNR: How Atul Chatur's Drive-To-Earn Protocol Helps Driver's Reclaim their Privacy and Data Value

IoTeX Ecosystem Podcast

09-08-2022 • 51 mins

Today’s conversation features Atul Chatur, co-founder of Roadrunnr. Atul shatters the myth of vehicular privacy, and how tamper-proof hardware and web-3 can reclaim some privacy, as well as the monetary value, for drivers who are being robbed of their data by car manufacturers. This is one of the best crypto conversations I’ve had in a long time and Atul, who has created the first drive-to-earn protocol, is building one of the most original, and potentially impactful, organizations in Web 3.0. Later on in the conversation, even Atul describes his vision for building a decentralized car, so lots to look forward to in this one.

Link to Roadrunr website: