Elumicate: Building The World's Largest Decentralized Outdoor Capture Network

IoTeX Ecosystem Podcast

30-08-2022 • 48 mins

Today’s conversation features Jason Bernard, founder of Elumicate a web-3 protocol that bills itself as the world’s largest decentralized outdoor capture network. Jason has been in the IT industry his entire career before making the switch to web 3 last year.

We discuss the powerful and slightly creepy billboard sensor elumicate developed and how a web3 platform can distribute the control and profits of the world’s camera and sensor networks. We discuss the deflationary token model Jason envisions for the platform that could give miners six thousand times the token rewards in year 1 than in year three.

We discuss how governance decisions might work, we discuss the smart city boom of a couple of years ago and the distinction between web3 and crypto. All this and much more.