Black History Year


Learning your history makes you - and your people - stronger. As Black people, we know we’re left out of the history books. That the media images are skewed. That we need access to experts, information and ideas so we can advance our people. Black History Year connects you to the history, thinkers, and activists that are left out of the mainstream conversations. You may not agree with everything you hear, but we’re always working toward one goal: uniting for the best interest of Black people worldwide. BHY is produced by PushBlack, the nation’s largest non-profit Black media company - hit us up at read less

Our Editor's Take

Black History Year shares a symbolic rewriting of the history books in podcast form. This series is on a mission to inform and educate about forgotten or miscommunicated stories from Black history. Producing the series is PushBlack, the largest non-profit Black media company in America. The podcast shares unknown stories and the truth behind historical events.

New podcast episodes release every weekday and last about 2-5 minutes. There are also longer episodes with guests that provide extra information and storytelling. Topics discussed include everything from Black culture to the criminalization of Black men. Instead of just Black History Month here, it's Black History Year.

One Black History Year podcast episode tells the history of the durag, a staple piece of headwear. Why did something so essential to the maintenance of Black hair become illegal? This episode examines the overlap between Black culture and white beauty standards.

Some episodes focus on inspiring figures throughout Black history. One tells the tale of a talented Black ballerina in the 1940s. She performed to an applauding audience, rejecting the request to disguise her Blackness. Her name was Janet Collins, and she fought to perform and teach without concealing who she was. It's a story of how white supremacy tried to hide her talent. Like others throughout Black history, her resilience and determination led to her success.

Other episodes reveal the truth behind major events and celebrations in US history. Juneteenth is a national holiday marking the liberation of Black lives from slavery. But what is the reason for eating red food during this celebration? Is it a way of honoring Black ancestors? Or is there another reason behind this habitual feast? This podcast explores to find out.

The Black History Year podcast provides an authentic playlist of Black stories. Listeners can learn about silent protests and the importance of author James Baldwin. From the Black Panthers to mental health, no story is without significance. It's a re-education of history through the people who fought against racial barriers to survive.

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ReBirth of a Nation: Why These Black Traditions Matter with Linda Jones
4d ago
ReBirth of a Nation: Why These Black Traditions Matter with Linda Jones
How we enter this world matters. But white supremacy has infiltrated even the most sacred aspects of Black culture, including our birthing practices. On today’s episode, we’re uncovering the often-erased historical roots of Black childbirth and the deadly implications of its medicalization. Our guest, Linda Jones, is here to break it all down. Linda, a postpartum birthing doula, birth photographer, and co-founder of Black Women Birthing Justice, has spent three decades serving women of color in their birthing journeys. Her work doesn't stop there, though—she also co-directs the Mothers for Mothers Postpartum Justice Project in the Bay Area and supports similar organizations. Linda's going to help us understand how reclaiming our birthing culture can serve Black families, communities, and our collective liberation. Get ready to explore the power of Black birthing in this episode you don't want to miss! -- Black History Year (BHY) is produced by PushBlack, the nation's largest non-profit Black media company. PushBlack exists to amplify the stories of Black history you didn't learn in school and explore pathways to liberation with people who are leading the way. You make PushBlack happen with your contributions at — most people donate $10 a month, but every dollar makes a difference. If this episode moved you, share it with your people! Thanks for supporting the work. The BHY production team includes Jareyah Bradley, Brooke Brown, Amber Davis, and Elyse Rawlings. Our producers are Cydney Smith and Len Webb for PushBlack. Engineering and editing the show is Lance John with Gifted Sounds. Our executive producers are PushBlack's Julian Walker and Lilly Workneh. Black History Year's host is Darren Wallace. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit