Create Happiness Today

Denise and Terry Atkins

Denise is a Certified Happiness Life Coach and Terry is a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Coach. They are lifelong friends, (now husband and wife), who host the Create Happiness Today Podcast together. Informarive and entertaining, the CHT podcast teaches the power of COGNITIVE AWARENESS to help you Live Well, Love Deeply, and Laugh Often. COGNITIVE AWARENESS involves being actively conscious of people and experiences in life along with your reaction to them. Far beyond "positive thinking", this mental training focuses on properly evaluating life's circumstances and your internal self-talk to create a more constructive and realistic self image. This change in perspective will help reduce stress and anxiety while also enhancing your overall happiness and contentment. Don't forget to click follow and set your alerts so you don't miss a single episode. Web: Facebook: CHT.createhappinesstoday Instagram: CHT.createhappinesstoday Email: contact@createhappinesstoday read less
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