Luca's Italy

Luca Marchiori

Do you want to know the stories behind your favourite Italian dishes? With this podcast you can! Join Anglo-Italian food writer Luca Marchiori as he shares a weekly slice of his lifelong love and enthusiasm for the cooking of his native country. In each episode he explores the history of a different Italian food from its origins to the present day. And you’ll discover plenty of fun facts and fascinating figures along the way.
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Episode 23: Q&A: Italian menus
Episode 23: Q&A: Italian menusEpisode 22: GelatoEpisode 21: SfogliatellaEpisode 20: Italian food 'rules'Episode 19: Pasta!Episode 18: Italian American food and culture: Interview with Chef Amy RioloEpisode 17: PestoEpisode 16: CannoliEpisode 15: Easter in ItalyEpisode 14: Ragù alla bologneseEpisode 13: Parmigiano ReggianoEpisode 12: Pizza RomanaEpisode 11: CarbonaraEpisode 10: TomatoEpisode 9: The first 'Italian' cookbookEpisode 8: Roman Street Food 1, supplì: guest Arcangelo Dandini, Roman chef and restaurateurEpisode 7: Pastiera Napoletana: guest Francesco Russo, Neapolitan pastry chefEpisode 6: TiramisùEpisode 5: Pizza MargheritaEpisode 4: Caffè