TBU#34 It’s our anniversary! Insights and reflections on a year of collaborative podcasting

Two Booked Up

29-08-2023 • 30 mins

It’s been a year since the first Two Booked Up podcast episode aired, and in this episode, Rowena and Shelley are celebrating their one-year podcast anniversary!

To mark this auspicious milestone, they are sharing some insights and reflections from their year of collaborative podcasting, including what they have loved and what they have learned. And they will answer some BIG questions. Some are listener questions, and others are ones they have used in their own behind-the-scenes process. Rowena and Shelley are pulling back the curtain on Two Booked Up in this episode.

Additionally, they are taking a big-picture view of all the episodes that have aired and are sharing their favourite takeaways and the books or ideas they keep coming back to!

And if this is your first Two Booked Up episode, welcome! This will also be a great episode to give you a taste of what the podcast is all about and give you some ideas on where to start diving into our back catalogue.

Join Rowena and Shelley as they celebrate the Two Booked Up anniversary.

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