TBU#45: Can Good Feelings = Good Productivity?

Two Booked Up

14-05-2024 • 29 mins

In this episode, Rowena and Shelley discuss Ali Abdaal's book Feel Good Productivity.

Productivity books are often full of tips for working harder, hustling longer and hacks to make the most of your time. This book is completely different! Instead, Ali Abdaal puts forth the idea that instead of more discipline, we can accomplish more by focusing on our well-being and embracing joy!

Specifically, Ali discusses that having more fun can make us more productive, which is something we strongly believe in here at Two Booked Up. And, in this episode, we are walking the talk! For a fun change, Shelley dons her interviewer hat and interviews Rowena about the book.

Join Shelley and Rowena as they discuss key ideas and top takeaways, sharing how you can be productive and feel good, too!

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