TBU#21 February is the New January — our guiding words for 2023

Two Booked Up

07-02-2023 • 24 mins

Rowena and Shelley are back with Season 2 of Two Booked Up! Woohoo!

But… whaaaaaat?! How is it February?!!! Honestly, do you feel like you’ve somehow got behind on all the New Year's to-dos? Could you do with a bit of a fresh start to the year? Then this episode is for you.

Or are you experiencing February as “Mum’s New Year”? We really feel this in the southern hemisphere, because we’ve had our long summer holidays and the kids are only getting back to school at this point.

So we’ve decided to proclaim February as the new January and in this episode, Rowena and Shelley are bringing you some New Year’s Day, fresh-start energy, as they share their guiding words of the year. And of course, you’ll get a few book recommendations as well!

Here are the books mentioned in this week’s episode:

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