TBU# 40 How to find Tranquility in the Turbulence

Two Booked Up

05-03-2024 • 35 mins

Title: TBU#40: How to find tranquillity in the turbulence

Artwork Title: How to find tranquillity in the turbulence

It’s the first book for 2024, and Shelley and Rowena are excited to be talking about their top takeaways from the book Tranquility by Tuesday by time management guru Laura Vanderkam.

Tranquillity is a beautiful notion and very appealing to many, especially amid the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life —especially on an average Tuesday!

The book has some excellent tactics for calming the chaos without having to escape the realities of life, but rather to build a resilient schedule that’ll handle all the unpredictabilities that come our way.

Shelley and Rowena highlight their favourites of Laura’s nine rules, so if you’re looking for more tranquillity in life, be sure to join Shelley and Rowena for this episode.

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