TBU#20 How to get your kids to love reading

Two Booked Up

24-01-2023 • 29 mins

This episode was supposed to be a minisode, but COME ON! Rowena and Shelley are two bookworms, two boy moms, and this is a topic that is very near to their hearts!

So if you’re a parent and you want your kids to identify as “readers,” to love reading, and to create a culture of reading in your home, then there’s going to be so much gold in this episode for you.

And while the focus is on kids, Rowena and Shelley are also looking more broadly at how you can cultivate a reading culture in your home — whatever your home looks like. So regardless of whether you have kids in your life or not, there are going to be some fun insights and tips for you.

If reading more books and reigniting your love of reading is one of your New Year’s goals, make sure to listen for inspiration and ideas of how YOU can fall in love with reading all over again, whether you are an adult, teen, big kid or little kid.


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