TBU#33 Our Words of the Year… 6 months in

Two Booked Up

08-08-2023 • 35 mins

In this episode, Shelley and Rowena reflect on their words for the year. The bookworms are revisiting the idea they shared in their most popular episode, Episode 21: "February is the new January — our guiding words." With over half the year behind them, they're checking in on their progress.

Shelley shares how her word "momentum" has supported her to make a particularly important decision in her business. And Rowena's phrase for the year, "curate and cultivate" has resulted in her writing a novel — much to her (happy) surprise!

If you've ever wondered how a "word of the year" actually works — then there's plenty for you in this episode. Shelley and Rowena will share more on how their words/phrases have helped them with intention-setting and a light focus to the year.

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