TBU#32: Highlights and Stand-Outs from Season Two of the Two Booked Up podcast

Two Booked Up

18-07-2023 • 24 mins

The Two Booked Up Podcast has come to the end of Season 2, and Shelley and Rowena are excited to share the highlights and stand-out moments of this Season.  In this episode, the bookworms share common themes from the books they featured, the most popular episode, the thing that’s been the most fun, their top highlights, and their lightbulb moments!

It’s an episode of superlatives — all the things that stand out at this point of the journey. If you’ve been with Shelley and Rowena throughout Season 2, this will be a great episode to tie up some of the common themes and maybe direct you to a few episodes you want to revisit.

And if this is your first Two Booked Up episode, welcome! This will also be a great episode to give you a taste of what the podcast is all about and give you some ideas on where to start diving into our back catalogue.

Come and join Shelley and Rowena in conversation as they revisit the highlights and standouts of Season 2 of Two Booked Up!

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