More Than A Missions Ministry

The Missions Pastor Podcast

18-10-2022 • 30 mins

Today's conversation is with Brian McFadden, the Compassion Pastor at Rush Creek Church in Arlington, Texas. Rush Creek doesn’t really have a missions program. Rush Creek truly believes that everything they do is about outreach both locally and globally. And that means that every member needs to be engaged in sharing the Gospel every day.

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Brian passionately share that when a church fully commits to the Great Commission, amazing things happen. And that results in transformation both internally and externally.

Brian also helps us understand that missions trips don’t have to be for individuals. There’s something very powerful that can happen when whole families engage together in serving in a foreign context together.

And finally, Brian shows that missions doesn’t have to be something done only through a third party organization. While Rush Creek’s child sponsorship program started with a ministry like OneChild, it grew into something that the church took on completely by itself in order to become even more connected to it.

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