Leading Missions at a Multi Site Church

The Missions Pastor Podcast

09-05-2023 • 26 mins

Today’s conversation with Delmy Guajardo. Delmy is the Missions Director at BattleCreek Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. BattleCreek Church is a multi site church, which adds a level of complexity to developing a healthy missions ministry.  Delmy share her experience and wisdom on how to do this well.

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First, find a single focus that’s at the heart of the church as a whole and build a larger missions effort off of it that every site can be a part of.

Second, get to know the DNA of each individual campus, and develop smaller missions efforts that allow each site to have a unique approach.

And finally, remember that every campus will look different, so as a missions pastor of a multi site church, you have to be very flexible.

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