S1E19: Nancy Duarte, communication expert, author, speaker, and CEO of Duarte, Inc

Pitch Masters

23-04-2023 • 55 mins

Video version available on Apple Podcasts and Youtube.

This week on Pitch Masters: Nancy Duarte. Listening is essential for anyone who wants to improve their pitches, presentations and storytelling. Nancy is another one of my all-time pitching heroes. Her work on ‘sparklines' has had a huge impact on my career and the way that work, and I use her methods every single day at IBM to create the most compelling pitches and presentations. In this hour, you’ll hear about how Nancy discovered sparklines, the joy that followed and her moral decision about whether to share it with the world. We talk about speeches and keynotes by Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Al Gore, and Jawaharlal Nehru. We discuss how to make presentations like Pixar make movies, how to humanise data, and how to make your audience FEEL something. The episode is available in full as a video on Apple Podcasts and YouTube, and as audio everywhere else. As always, I’d love to know what you think.

Find out more about Nancy and her work at Duarte.

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