Foster Children In A Confusing Situation! | Sprinter Mom With Lashes On | Ep. 19

Sprinter Mom With Lashes On

20-03-2024 • 12 mins

In this podcast episode of Sprinter Mom With Lashes On, Sara Senters, a foster and adoptive mother, shares the complexities of the foster care system through her personal experiences. She recounts a distressing incident where a child in her care was mistakenly taken on a visit with the wrong family due to a daycare mix-up. The story highlights the emotional impact on the children and the challenges of coordinating visits with biological families. She discusses the co-parenting dynamic with the state and the emotional toll of canceled visits, emphasizing the need for clear communication and sensitivity in the foster care system.

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00:00:00 Foster Care Challenges

00:01:26 Daycare Mix-Up

00:07:49 Miscommunication and Visit Cancellations