The Hardest Episode We've Had To Record Yet... Sprinter Mom With Lashes On - Ep. 30

Sprinter Mom With Lashes On

06-05-2024 • 40 mins

In this heartfelt episode of the Sprinter Mom With Lashes On podcast, hosts Sara and Ryan Senters open up about their complex journey with their adoptive son Christian. They candidly discuss the highs and lows of Christian's struggles and the painful periods when he has ran away. The Senters share the impact of COVID-19 on Christian's well-being, leading to a serious mental health crisis. Despite the challenges Ryan and Sara remain committed to supporting him. They reflect on the importance of setting boundaries, finding purpose through pain, and the power of sharing their story to help others. The episode is a raw and honest exploration of the unpredictable nature of foster and adoptive parenting, filled with lessons on love, resilience, and hope.

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Love Moves. Hope Heals. Ohana:

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00:00:00 The beginning

00:01:12 The challenges of a prodigal son

00:03:07 Christian's entry into their family

00:10:30 The impact of mental health

00:13:40 Escalating struggles and running away

00:17:31 The traumatic events

00:20:27 Moving and setting boundaries

00:21:42 The rocky start

00:22:13 Resetting expectations

00:23:36 Troubled actions

00:27:18 Heartbreak and uncertainty

00:34:01 Long-term impact

00:37:31 Learning to feel

00:38:51 Hope for redemption

00:39:28 Closing thoughts