What Are the Best Parenting Hacks for Traveling with Kids? | Sprinter Mom With Lashes On | Ep. 25

Sprinter Mom With Lashes On

15-04-2024 • 35 mins

Hey moms and friends! On Todays Episode of Sprinter Mom With Lashes On, we reminisced about our fabulous trips to Rocky Point, Mexico. We've made so many memories there, especially at Las Palmas, where we let our kids run wild and enjoy themselves. It's been a blast teaching our little ones that family isn't just about blood, but about the people you choose to have in your life.

We've also shared some parenting hacks for traveling, like packing in ziplock bags and letting the kids pack themselves to learn responsibility. And can we talk about the silent disco last night? Absolute highlight!

Our friendships have truly evolved over time. It's all about showing up for each other and creating those deep, meaningful connections. We've also touched on how we handle topics of responsible drinking. It's all about balance, communication, and setting the right example. So grateful for these conversations and the chance to grow together as friends and parents.

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:04 Introducing Mexico trips and number of visits

00:04:27 What kids learn from watching friendships

00:09:23 Parenting hacks for trips

00:14:22 Favorite memories of friend trips

00:19:32 Evolution of friendships

00:20:40 Friendship and Mutual Support

00:23:40 Parenting Challenges and Insights

00:27:30 Balancing Parenting and Social Life

00:32:05 Teaching Responsible Drinking

00:34:10 Appreciating Adult Friendships