The Ian PrenderCast

The Ian Prender-Cast

A cast of regular Joe’s have a crack at making sense of the things that don’t matter: Sport, movies, music, video games and, sometimes, books... don’t hold us to that one too often. Our flagship show, The Ian Prendercast, sees Fabian, Tim and Sean provide a passionate, peculiar look at the comings and goings, trials and tribulations of their beloved Carlton Football Club. Meanwhile, Sean teams with Will for The Weekly Watchlist, a pop culture ramble that starts in the middle of nowhere and finishes further from the point they were trying to make. read less


The Ian Prendercast: A Chat About the Prelim (2023)
The Ian Prendercast: A Chat About the Prelim (2023)
A war made Vietnam a tourist hotspot, Fab suplexes Kelly through the plantation shutters, Malcolm in the Middle, Frankie Muniz, Santiago Munez, Roy Keane pots Yeovil and when Sancho scored past Virgil Van Dijk's aura. 00:00:00 Intros, Tim’s Holiday and the Vietnam War 00:05:11 The Podfather returns and pots his wife 00:11:48 Entourage, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Tim’s father-in-law 00:17:05 Leonard Puglia Memorial Prender DJ & Malcolm in the Middle, Santiago Munez and Roger Millia,  00:24:40 Tim loves NFL Power Rankings and why are the Broncos so shit? 00:27:47 Ratings and reviews 00:27:57 Time to take stock 00:37:26 *that Arsenal fan at Old Trafford in 1998 00:41:38 was sports betting a thing in 1998 and Mitch’s tackle on Zak Butters 00:45:24 So, what is it worth? Pt I 01:00:39 Keep the receipts 01:02:32 Gazey and Scottie Pippin; Lillard goes to Milwaukee 01:07:03 So, what is it worth? Pt II 01:13:01 Sean’s Brownlow outfits 01:14:45 A GIANT diversion 01:17:55 What does it mean? 01:28:28 A GIANT diversion Pt II 01:32:37 A Manchester United parable 01:36:32 Where did it go awry 01:39:35 Tim Davis, Tim Cahill, Tim Duncan, Tim Allen, Toy Story 2 and Buzz Lightyear 01:44:43 Tim gives us a list analysis 01:54:20 A shoutout to Mr. Plow 02:01:15 Tim’s list analysis Pt II 02:10:34 Sean’s Rant 02:16:34 Esai Morales 02:20:13 Chicken Salads 02:23:58 Chicken Shits 02:25:00 Mailbox 02:33:05 Millionaire 02:35:07 Johnny Raincloud 02:43:55 Jimmy Sunshine 02:46:04 Outros and #PrenderDJ