U-God (Wu-Tang Clan Chapter 7): Police Raids, Vengeance, and Mopping Floors at the Statue of Liberty


03-10-2023 • 38 mins

U-God was raised by the streets of Staten Island, where getting beaten up was a rite of passage that made you stronger. He was busted for driving a stolen car and assaulting a police officer. He dealt crack, and narrowly avoided a police raid on the apartment building he dealt from. He also dealt vengeance – he once came within seconds of killing a rival dope peddler. And when he finally put the violent life behind him and found freedom and joy in the music he made with Wu-Tang Clan, the ghosts of his past returned and placed his two-year old son in the crosshairs. To see the full list of contributors, see the show notes at www.disgracelandpod.com. Sign up for our newsletter and get the inside dirt on events, merch and other awesomeness - GET THE NEWSLETTER Support our Advertising Partners: Factor: factormeals.com/disgraceland50 Code: DISGRACELAND50 Fum: tryfum.com DISGRACELAND Liquid IV: liquid-iv.com/disgraceland Code: DISGRACELAND Prize Picks: prizepicks.com/DISGRACELAND Code: DISGRACELAND ZBiotics: ZBiotics.com/DISGRACELAND  Code: DISGRACELAND Follow Jake and DISGRACELAND: Instagram YouTube X (formerly Twitter)  Facebook Fan Group TikTok Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices