029: Winning Awards with Emma Chandler

Beyond The Bio

19-02-2024 • 16 mins

Is there a right time to enter awards?

In this episode, I’m talking to Emma Chandler, the award-winning leadership coach, inspirational speaker, and author. Emma is passionate about developing people, creating inclusive working communities, and generally improving the lot of leaders everywhere. Her goal is to increase wellness and wisdom, and she’s always finding new ways to win at work.

Emma and I chat about when in your career to enter awards. We talk about the awards Emma has won, and how she’s used those wins to elevate her profile.

We take a deep dive into Emma’s THREE award wins in 3 months. Did winning make Emma and her team hungry for more success? We also talk about the networking opportunities that came as a result of winning and explore how they can elevate the profile of you and your business.

So, stick around and find out more…

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